A Jesus I Can Believe In

In the many stories coming from Haiti one has captured my heart and mind. It is the story of a man who stood beside the rubble of a building for six days. Keeping a vigil for his wife, who was trapped underneath the blocks and boulders. He wept. He prayed. He cried for help. A local news broadcasting station listened to this man’s story. Looking amidst the rubble, the crew found a place to feed a microphone into the collapsed building. Miraculously, the woman was not only alive but able to communicate. For six days rescue crews dug to get this woman out. For six days her husband kept watching and waiting. And on the seventh day, rescue crew workers freed the wife from her cement prison. She emerged from the tomb singing praise to God.

This is how I think of Jesus. Standing outside our collapsed buildings. Waiting and wailing. Ever present. Pointing to the miracle of life that seeks to emerge.


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