This I Believe

This I believe…

In a Creator, a Higher Power who is above all, with all, and through all.

I call this Higher Power, God.

I believe Jesus Christ is God translated into humanity.

This Mystery reveals a Truth beyond scientific fact or newspaper accounting.

Jesus Christ reminds me to look for the power and presence of God in humanity and challenges me to follow a path that often confronts what society preaches.

I believe the Holy Spirit is God’s spark within all of creation.  When I look at the ocean, hold a newborn, or sit at a patient’s bedside, it is the Spirit who whispers in my ear.  It is the Spirit that breathes a sense of peace, awe, and mystery.

I believe that the Bible, our sacred Scripture, is our family album.  Its stories, poems, and history reveal how people of faith have looked for, followed, and wrestled with our God.  I believe these stories are timeless and when shared today within faith communities provide space for God’s Word to speak afresh.

I believe God seeks to connect with humanity in countless ways and our two Sacraments, baptism and Holy Communion, reveal what words alone cannot convey: the love and mystery of God.  I believe that common, everyday things like water, bread, and grapes transform people in ways words cannot describe.

I believe God’s love and presence speak to and through the Church, and this Church is not confined to four walls or a building with a steeple.

I believe that the saving power of Christianity is the faith in the resurrection.  Of the promise and experience that death is not the end, and that from death and suffering, new abundant life is born.  In this, I believe.


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