Be Thou My Vision

Great Physician

We cry out to you

For healing–

Let us see again

Let us see–

Only to find that

You open our eyes

To the joy

And sorrow of life.


Our blindness gives way

To the multi-colored reality of our world.

A world that knows war



Teen suicide



Car Accidents

Custody Disputes





Be in our vision

That our eyes might

Notice the Monet sky of the rising sun

And the Cézanne hue of the autumn leaves.

Help us to notice

The moments of laughter and joy

In the games of children

The gentle touch

Between a child

And her dying father

The handshakes and hugs

In the passing of the peace.


As our eyes open

Crack open our hearts

That we may love

With arms wide open

To embrace those whom we meet.

That we may follow

In the path that your love calls.


One thought on “Be Thou My Vision

  1. Every post is an arrival! I may not post that because every one would be “AWESOME! PROFOUND! YOU RULE!” Which believe it or not, could get tiresome. 😉 This was beautiful.


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