I grew up there

or at least vacationing there–

along those shorelines

the ones you’ve seen plastered

on Anderson 360.

That coaster floating in the ocean,

it’s the first one I rode.

That building now a pile of match sticks,

I walked by it this summer

traipsing to the beach.

It’s strange to see

my idols

of boardwalk and beach

battered and broken.

It’s even more strange to hear

the cries of shame and blame

against women who have claimed a right to choose

against same-gender loving people who dare to


openly love.

What about the fact that Wall Street was flooded?

Does that not catch anyone’s attention?

Or how about our abuse of the environment?

Perhaps that could explain…

And my rational,


need to figure out mind

starts to play the same game.

The same game I say

I oppose.

O God

I know

in my head

that no ration

or logic

make sense

of such loss.


figure it out

is not one of the commandments.

So today I lament at the loss

My complaint is bitter.




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