Saying Yes Means Nothing if You Can’t Say No

Confession time–I can be a yes-aholic.

Yes, I can do that for you.

Yes, I can meet you at whatever time you suggest.

Yes, I can make that (fill in the blank) happen.

I was raised by a wonder woman to be another wonder woman.

I get the bacon, bring it home, and fry it up in my pan.  Or at least that was the myth I swallowed.

Even as I’ve grown to be more discriminating in what I commit myself to, I find that my natural passion can easily sink me in a sea of yeses before I’ve even considered that I just might want to say that two letter word–No!

Honestly, that two letter word–no–seems to create more havoc than most four letter words.  Our world does not like to listen to it.  But honestly, does yes mean anything if you can’t say no?

I would rather have an honest no than a dishonest yes any day.  And if I would rather this, I have to go on faith that others of you feel the same.  So, do you have the courage to say no this week?


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