Just Breathe

It’s the week before Holy Week. Even if you are the non-preaching type, there’s plenty going on in most of our homes religious. I think we all need a collective deep breath. 🙂

This week’s Friday Five is simply a moment to BREATHE. Stop and tell us five ways that you “catch your breath” and then move on in the work God calls you to do.

1.  Breathe.  I’ve learned from yoga, from spinning, and from jogging, I don’t always breathe deeply.  When my shoulders hunch, my throat tightens, and stomach flip-flops, it’s time to breathe deeply and say the serenity prayer.

2.  Look at my calendar to schedule some me stuff–hair cut, lunch or coffee with good friends, plan to see a movie or live music.

3.  Play, create, and dance with my and 8 and 9 year old step daughters.

4.  Watch the squirrel that I’ve fed all winter as it swings from the bird feeder.

5.  Get a pop-culture fix with re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy, Twin Peaks, Mad Men, or Gilmore Girls.


2 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. Oooh yes – Me time. My most recent self-investment was a pedicure and honey massage. Wonderful. Great reminder to stop and have a little fun! Glad you’re a part of RevGals! 🙂


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