Who’s the Teacher?

While saying grace this week, one of my step-daughters (we’ll call her Kate), thanked Goddess for our food.  Being nine, creative, and well…what her father calls a pistol, it could be easy to assume that this was simply to get a response.  Or should I say reaction from the family.  I think she might have discounted that even step-daughters constitute PKs.  So, of course we begin a theological conversation.  I begin sharing that in a few weeks I’ll be preaching on Proverbs 8 and share some background about Woman Wisdom.  My husband tries to explain how confusing this is.  Kate beamed at this observation.  And her sister,we’ll call her Hope, declares, “It makes sense to me.”  Hope is eight.  So, apparently a concept that has perplexed theologians for centuries seems self-explanatory to these eight and nine year old girls.  


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