We Preach Anyway

Sunday night I watched this TED clip about educators.  Part of me became nostalgic remembering my “teaching days.”  Looking back at seventh and eighth grade Communication Arts is far more romantic than much of what’s involved in the daily grind of teaching and learning, learning and teaching.  Beyond all of that, I thought about how so much of church life is similar to school life.  How easy it can be to become discouraged about the challenges we face, the reality we live.  How easy it can be to have -18 out of 20 thinking rather than Rita Pierson’s +2 out of 20.  How easy it can be to get lost in data and decimals, programs and products. 

This is true in schools, and it is true in our churches.  But what Rita Pierson reminds the teachers is that it is about relationship–even with the students you don’t particularly like or enjoy.  She reminds the teachers that those students, the toughest ones, are never absent. And they need the relationship most.  The job is to “teach anyway.”

I dare say is the same in the church.  There are days that are long; there are situations that are tough; there are realities outside our control; there are patterns and histories from before us that we don’t understand.  We preach anyway.  We share the Good News anyway.  We live the resurrection anyway.



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