Plan B

I’m a planner

Always have been.

In seventh grade my Sweet Valley High Calendar

Carefully marked and measured the momentous events of the year:

School plays,

Mall dates,

Movies with friends,

And of course

The last day of school.

I’m a planner.

I was one of those people

That graduated college in mid-May

And had my teaching job by Memorial Day.

Graduated seminary in mid-May

And started my first full time ministry

Before Memorial Day.

I’m a planner

Who has learned from a lifetime of unexpected events

To not only have plan B

But also plans C, D, and E.

How else can a recovering type A, perfectionist

Navigate the uncharted waters of life?

I’m a planner

Who chose to live for this season

Without a plan

Sailing each day

Attending to sky, surf, and sun

And waiting for the Spirit

To blow into my sails.


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