Just two days ago I committed to blogging every day in the wilderness.  Tonight I find myself wanting to sit in silence.  In the absence of words.  Part of it that I have binged on NPR and social media the last couple of days.  Fascinating and disturbing as these days have been, I know that I am not someone that consume a steady diet of media, or I get sick.  Mind sick.  Heart sick.  Spirit sick.

And tonight that is how I feel.  Sick.

Sick that words seem to be weapons.

Sick that my energy has gone to metabolizing so many of these words.




2 thoughts on “Sick

  1. I was just saying yesterday that these are very hard times to live in as a sensitive person.

    I was also saying that The Colbert Report has truly become my sanity-saving grace lately. Satire helps me purge the negativity!


    • I agree! Some of the news is literally heart-wrenching/breaking. And I clearly see that my body can only handle small doses. I shall check out the Colbert Report…thanks for the suggestion!


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