Are We in a Movie?

Growing up I sometimes wished that life was more like a movie.  More exciting.  More action-packed.  More extraordinary.  I haven’t desired that for a long time.  Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time wishing that life was less like film.  Keep the drama for the page or the stage has become one of my mantras.  Who couldn’t help repeat this chant?

Haven’t you ever looked at the newspaper in the morning and looked around for the hidden “Truman Show” camera?  I mean, have you read the news?  Certainly, it can’t be real.  Governments don’t shut down, do they?  High speed car chases and gunfire only happen between the White House and the Capitol in a Tom Clancy book or movie, right?  Movie stars and football players don’t make more than Head Start teachers in reality, clearly?  Except that in real reality, our real reality, these things do happen.  And in nations around the world more harrowing realities occur daily.

It’s no wonder I like to loose myself in fiction.  It’s no wonder my drug of choice is Netflix.  It’s no wonder “belief” is in crisis.  If this do good, get good; do bad, get bad god is the god that most US citizens believ(ed) in, it’s no wonder there’s a crisis in faith.  That god clearly isn’t ruling with an iron fist over this unreal reality.  I wonder what God does make of the news.


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