Friday at Five: Roots and Wings

The Rev Gal’s challenge for this week:

 Thinking about whatever new life may be touching yours (the birth of a child, a marriage, a new call…), choose five wishes from the following and do the same. (For instance, I wrote for Hunter, “I hope you laugh at your grandfather’s jokes.)

I hope you: learn, grow, remember, laugh, get, follow, aren’t afraid, love, respect, try to, never forget, become, experience.

IMG_0423The first image of new life that came to my mind is Anna Margaret, my newest niece.  Born in August, she’s entered her “third” month this week.  My hopes are not only for her but also for my sister and brother-in-law.

Anna Margaret–I hope you learn about the Margaret you were named after.  In fact, when I look at pictures of you, I sometimes see traces of your Great-Grandma Margaret.  May you have inherited a dose of her spunk, creativity, and spirit.

I hope you know in body, mind, and spirit how loved you are by your Mom and Dad and both of their families.  There may be days where it doesn’t always seem true.  There will be moments of frustration, misunderstanding, and anger.  Even in those, I hope you know it is the love between you that allows you to be real with one another.

I hope you get to see the silly side of your Mom.  She might not seem so on the surface, but she is one of the funniest people I know.  One day, I hope she tells you stories of the mischief she would make with her sisters–so much so that Pop would actually think that we were fighting (sometimes we were) but usually we were just goofing around.  Make her tell you those stories and make sure she makes all the funny faces that go with them.

I hope you get to visit Sea Side Park, eat a cream donut from the Park Bakery, browse the bathing suits at the B&B, and play games at the Sea Side Heights Boardwalk.  Also, make sure to get a piece of pizza from Three Brothers.  One slice is about as big as you are right now.

I hope you trust life and love enough to ask whatever questions cross your mind, attempt an idea that others might think is silly,  and explore your world to discover who you have been created to be.


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