It’s amazing what spending the day with an infant will do for my perspective.  There is almost literally no way for me to have “hamster-wheel head” with the delight and daunting tasks of caring for a nine-week old.  Whether it’s attempting to guess about what initiated this recent bout of tears or performing the gymnastic routines required for one-handed living, caring for an infant brings me into to the present moment.

If you couldn’t guess, I spent today with my sister and my newest niece.  After morning feeding and changing, I slipped away to take my shower and noticed a voicemail–“please call me about something.”  


What thing?

If you know me, you’d know this is the kind of call that gets my hamster running full speed.  My hamster takes the bait–EVERY time.  And it did today.

But today I literally couldn’t sustain the hamster’s run.  Diapers needed changing.  Bottles needed prepping.  Even though I attempted to call back, the present moment literally cried out.  

By the end of the evening, I curled up with my niece.  She gurgled and smiled–and showed off her newly discovered leg acrobatics.  I sang Band of Horses lyrics.  For a half-an-hour, time stood still, and all was right with our worlds.  


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