The Cafe Top Five

I missed the Rev Gal’s Friday at Five.  So here is my The Cafe Top Five.  Today was my third full day “tent-making” in the wilderness aka “barista-ing” and “cafe-ing.”  Honestly, my mind swirls and foams with recipes, receipts, and more.  Here’s a small overview of learning from life in the cafe…an outpost in the wilderness.

1.  Being a step-parent and pastor are excellent preparation for the multi-tasking required for registering running, latte foaming, customer conversing, and sandwich assembling.  All of this can and does happen simultaneously–and what might appear haphazard to the outsider is actually an intricate dance.

2.  Bagels are not meant to go in toasters.  I proved this on my second day–where I literally lit the place up.  Actually, the bagel and toaster did.  As I handed a customer his mug of coffee, I sniffed the scent of char.  I turn around and a flame danced up from the toaster.  Thankfully, my tendency to accidents and background as parent/pastor, prepared me to keep calm, unplug the machine, and make a quip.

3.  Expect the unexpected:  I have now had a bee fly up my pant leg and sting me while waiting on a customer.  I’ve never had this happen before.  Would be satisfied if this is a once and only experience. But it did provide a unique opportunity for laughter and conversation.

4.  Grace abounds.  Whether it’s the regulars who patiently wait to learn their favorites or colleagues who show me where utensils go, how dishes are made, or what that magic of the register is, I have found myself greeted by grace all around.

5.  The Cafe could be church.  From breaking bread to sharing sacred stories, life in the Cafe has a flavor of church…and it’s brewed just right.


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