Megan’s Sermon Preparation Recipe

Image1.  Thaw biblical passage in crockpot brain at least one week before “Sermon Sunday.”  Cover passage with prayers and turn on lowest setting.  Allow the passage and prayers to simmer, blend, and breathe.  Breathing time is essential.  

2.  Meanwhile,  puree thoughts, feelings, poetry, moments of life, and pop-culture references that relate to passage in your spirit and mind.  (At this stage, someone outside the kitchen might question this ingredient.  But this is one of the most vital parts.  Trust God and yourself for this puree.  It will be different each time–that’s what makes this sermon “home-made.”)

4.  Smother the passage and prayer stock with the puree.  Continue to allow slow simmer.

3.   When passage has mostly thawed, begin prep. work of other ingredients. Read and research what others have said about passage.  Discard what does not resonate; chop-up remaining exegesis, and stir in with the passage and prayer stock.

4.  Turn up the heat slightly and wait until stock starts a rolling boil.

5.  Once the stock is boiling, turn the heat to low.  Stir.  Allow stock to simmer and thicken.  (There is no set time for this.  Again, trust is vital at this stage.)

6.  When stock is thick, pour off remaining juice and ingredients.  

7.  Sample.  

8.  Discern the best way to serve this dish on Sunday morning.  Add any additional seasonings to enhance.

9.  Say grace before serving and sampling.

**This recipe for sermons preached for supply positions.  For weekly sermon recipe, see worship/sermon preparation recipes.


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