Image“You don’t do anything half way, do you?”

These are my husband’s observations of me:  me cooking; me pastoring; me parenting; me barista-ing; even me Scrabble-ing.

And he is right.  I don’t.  Never have. I was the child who leaped before she looked.  Repetitively.  I’d get sopping wet time and time again.  I remained a full plunge person.

I’ve tried and tried to only dip my toe in.  To wade into the water knee or waist deep.  But like entering a cool pool on a summer day, I must take the plunge.   I’d never enter the cool pool if I only dipped my toe–it’s too cold!   I think I’d never enter life, either.

I learn best by full submersion.  I live best when I’m able to be all-in.  Body, heart, and soul in.  In the world of faith, I suppose this would be immersion.

And when it is time to rest, I do best getting out of the water.  Toweling off, drying in the sun, preparing for the next dive, which might be in some other pool.


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