Discovered this list tonight…the more things (I) change, the more they (I) stay the same…theology of Christ has evolved some, my nephew will turn six this winter, and I now have another nephew and two nieces.  But other than that, it’s pretty much the same.  Eerie…slightly discouraging…slightly comforting.
December 28, 2007 at 9:23am

1. I am still a perfectionist, pleaser, fixer, enabler who wants everything ok and will sacrifice myself and sanity for this to happen.

2. Living on campus really is like living in a giant fish bowl–or like living on Melrose Place.
3. The combination of one and two are deadly. A fixer in a Melrose Place fish bowl–not so good.
4. I require time and space away to process and re-charge–and to sometimes avoid fixing.
5. PMS and SAD really exist…winter and PMS are deadly for me.
6. True frienship is messy. Really caring about and trusting others requires being fully yourself–this self is inherently flawed(as we are human). This inevitably leads to mis-said and mis-done things.
7. After doing the above, it is best to recognize it–rather than try to bury it like a cat burries its shit–and say sorry.
8. Christ is so much bigger than most churches suggest.
9. Christianity is a faith born at a time of war, anguish, and oppression. It resists the oppressive powers of Empire. (The Roman One to be specific.)
10. The Roman Empire and the American Empire are eerily similar.
11. Is it possible for an American to be Christian? Still haven’t figured this one out yet–stay tuned to 2008.
12. Chrisitianity is messy–how could the union of human and Divine not be?
13. Art truly inspires me, and creative outlet is my favorite end goal for projects.
14. I would love to be paid to write.
15. I love working with youth.
16. I really do have a shingle outside my door that says come talk to me about your problems. BUT the only people who can see the shingle are those who need to talk.
16b. I’ve been told I also have a sign on my head that reads “whiners, come complain here.”
17. I need to figure out a way to get paid for this.
18. I’m super excited to get to be an aunt and am truly sorry for having years in childhood filled with evil thoughts about my youngest sister.
19. My youngest sister is one of my heroes. She is very opposite me(and yet very the same). Her ability to make a rational decision amazes me. I admire her “T.”
20. I think that seminary is leading me in circuitous paths to the same place I started but at a deeper level-my dream is still to have an arts’ (all kinds) center in downtown.
21. I want to explore this vision in 2008.


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