ImageOne summer at Leadership Academy the covenant groups, basically small groups of teens with a seminary guide, decided to name themselves after the houses in Harry Potter.  This decision was made while I picked up two teens at the airport.  So, by the time I returned to campus, covenant group “houses” had already been named and claimed.  My group was left with Slytherin.  My friend and colleague noted that it was fitting that my group be Slytherin.  At the time I felt offended by her comment.  

Who would want to be Slytherin?  

How could she think that I fit that name?

Years later I am here to say that I do indeed fit in Slytherin.  I have the ability to speak Parseltongue, to walk the edge of the shadow side and speak its language.  Like a chameleon I can fit in different settings.  My nice girl exterior a camouflage.  It’s this Slytherin ability that allows me to translate and navigate between groups, to cross the bridge between generations, and to thrive in the wild.  Perhaps this name–that I have fought against claiming–is actually gift and blessing.  



4 thoughts on “Slytherin

  1. Awesome! I think I got Huffelpuff or something… Maybe Ravenclaw. I can’t remember. But that was a good group and I remember your anger/disappointment about Slytherin. But there’s a great truth and power to that label.


    • I have spent so many years trying to hide or fix traits I thought weren’t good…I would say the last few years suggest that when I whole-heartedly claim all of me–sometimes the things I think are defects actually seem to be gifts. Claiming Slytherin is part of that. Who knew?


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