The B-Word

A Buddhist proverb states:  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  I think I would add to this…”If the students says yes, learning and growth commence.”

Looking back countless times of falling: falling off of my bike as a child, falling head-over-heels for an alcoholic, falling from the “career” ladder, this proverb seems to hold true.  I was ready; the teacher appeared; and I had the naiveté/desperation/courage to say yes.  Within each of these “fallings” has been a stocking of smaller gifts.  Small learning stocking stuffers that seem to be part and parcel of the larger lesson.

One of the stocking stuffers I seem to unwrap regularly at this season is “the B-Word.”  


Yet again I find myself in a landscape with no fences.  A landscape where the borders are found only by knocking up against them.  A landscape where accommodation and assimilation are expected.  A landscape that is my precious teacher, giving me the gift of practicing building my own fence.  Naming and claiming my own limits.  Remaining true to my own borders.  It seems that allowing the “Nice Girl” to die, means exercising and developing my “B-Word” muscles.


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