Friday Five–Spring Fling Edition

Five things that let me know SPRING is here…


1.  The hosta finally peeks above the dirt and mulch



2.  Piles of winter clothing wait to sleep in rubbermaid tubs.



3.  The fridge houses more hardboiled eggs than we might eat.



4.  I have heard the bells tolling for ice cream.

5.  Tom Foolery has become a close friend of the girls.  He seems to enjoy romping outside and detests homework.


One thought on “Friday Five–Spring Fling Edition

  1. LOL on the hard-boiled eggs. I finally took them and crumbled them into baggies and froze them. Will add to fried rice for the next month or two. And U also heard the ice cream truck for the first time this weekend!

    Thanks for playing! 🙂


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