About M. Malick

IMG_0175My whole life I have had a sense of call that related to vocation.  Translated into 21st Century terms, I am someone who has been blessed to “work” in “jobs” that were calls–whether camp counselor, teacher, youth director, or pastor.  Until the last two months, I have never simply “worked a job.”  Currently, I supply preach, barista/cook at a local cafe, write, and attempt to keep up with home and family.  I would say I’m settling in to the wilderness, adjusting to the question my parents say most adults wrestle with–(what do I want to do when I grow up?), and enjoying ministry through serving cups of coffee.

Lover of my husband and his (our) daughters, books, coffee, cats, flowers, travel, sunshine, cooking, my niece and nephews, and unfinished art and house projects

Can’t miss an episode of Mad Men or Breaking Bad.

Enjoy Ray LaMontagne, Beyonce, Florence and the Machine, Mumford and Sons, and Peter Gabriel on my iPod

My guilty pleasures include (but are not limited to) spending the whole day in PJs and reading People, US Weekly or any other celebrity magazine and getting my hair cut and colored at a salon.

One thought on “About M. Malick

  1. This is a really nice “About” and shocking how much sounds just like me even though we are very different 🙂 Ah, nature nurture…


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