A Story in Six Words–Really?

I find myself sitting to write the next entry.  There are so many words for the last week.

And yet not enough.

It was a week of ups, downs, side-to-sides, and loop-d-loops.  (For those following my weight loss saga, I ate more and lost 2.2 pounds.  Who knew?)  But that wasn’t where the roller cost came from.  Oh no.  I stood in line in somebody else’s amusement park and got on his/her roller coaster.  Oh yes I did.

Perhaps it is the coming of the equinox, the winter thunder snow, or lunar cycle.  But somehow I found myself swept up in the tidal waves of other people’s stuff.  And I know better.  I know better.  I don’t think it was so much me sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong as my  responding to other people’s stuff rather than simply letting myself float on it.  It seems like if I’m not swallowing sweets I have an easier time swallowing the bait.  And I know when I’m hooked I’m history…my history.  No longer in 2011 I enter some other time where the people pleasing, rescuing, enabling, controlling self emerges.  I look at myself in the mirror.  “I know you,” I think, “Are you really back?  Really?  Time to reclaim my serenity.”

Then, today I’m at a meeting, and a I learn about this project.  An amazing project.  Tell your life story in six words.  Just Six.  Not Quite What I Was Planning.  That’s the name of the book of six word memoirs (or could be my life in 6 words)  But also good be six words for my life.  Six words for my whole life.   And with six simple words and one simple task, my focus no longer swirls in the sea around me.  I can see a bigger picture.  And I think this might just be a trick to help me keep focused one day, one week at a time.  Six little words.  So–my six words for last week–the mantra I can chant when I jog–

Take what you like–leave rest.


When you’re hooked, you are history.


Nothing tastes good as feeling thin.

What would your Six Word Story for last week be?

**If you want to check it out on-line:   http://www.smithmag.net/sixwords/

That is what learning is.  You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life but in a new way. (Doris Lessing)

When you can keep you head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it. (Kipling)